Day 7: Take Me Home, Country Roads

We’ve made it through our week working with Habitat for Humanity in West Virginia! We made major progress on the house demolition today, getting all of the siding off and everything out of the inside. We even got to begin sledgehammering some drywall, which is always everyone’s favorite activity- it’s a great stress reliever! The house is nearly ready to be bulldozed now, and soon it will be completely gone and the lot will be ready for a new house to be built on it. We worked for the day, then went to pack up and get ready for the long drive back to Minnesota. It feels so good to know we did such great work this week, and very soon more families in this area will have a safe, warm home. The people that we spent time with here in Lewisburg have definitely made an impact on our lives, as well. They were all so welcoming and cheerful, and made our time here even more enjoyable. I can’t think of a better way I could have spent my spring break. Now, it’s time to let the country roads, as well as freeways and highways, take us back to Augsburg!


ASB Last Day
Our final group picture in front of the house we’ve been working at all week!

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