Day 6: Meeting the Town

Finally, finally, we got to work for the full day today! It felt so good to make so much progress, and accomplish so much! It took the whole day to remove all of the doors, windows, salvageable boards, cabinets, and sinks, load them into the truck, and take them to the store. I spent a great deal of the time pulling old nails out of boards, a task I found extremely difficult and frustrating, but also quite satisfying (I’d like to think I nailed that task). The house now almost completely empty, and looks almost ready to be fully demolished to make way for the new house. It’s sad that tomorrow is the last time we’ll be working on this project, but it’s good knowing we have done so much to make it possible for a family from this area to have a home.

This evening, we got the fantastic opportunity to go out to dinner with some of the families in the area who are working with Habitat to get homes, and the Habitat leaders in this community. Getting to actually see who will benefit from our work, and tangibly experiencing the results of our labor makes this whole trip even more meaningful. We had great conversations with all of these people, and learned so much about them and their lives. Some of them had hilarious and extremely interesting stories. All of us came together after the meal to talk about the fun things we had heard from those we were dining with, and everyone had a great time. I am so happy that I’ve got to get to know so many wonderful people on this trip, from Lewisburg and Augsburg.


Working Hard!

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