Day 4: Snow Day!

In an unexpected change of plans, we decided to take today off of work and have a free day due to the snowy weather making work potentially more difficult. We got to sleep in this morning, something everyone was quite excited about, then spent our morning chilling out and having some large group reflection time. After lunch, we headed to downtown Lewisburg, a historic area with lots of shops, museums, and other things to see. Many of us headed to the cute little coffee place first, then spent a few hours wandering the streets, taking photos and picking up souvenirs. It was fun to explore the area we are staying in,(Lewisburg was named the “Coolest Small Town in America” in 2011, and it’s easy to see why after looking around for a bit), especially because the buildings in the older area of town were so beautiful and interesting to look at. In the evening, we visited the American Heritage Music Hall in Ronceverte, to attend their Tuesday night jam session. Listening to the old country music and dancing around was a unique experience to say the least! Afterwards, we headed back to where we are staying for some small group reflection time. It seems like we’re all getting to know each other well, even though we’ve only been on this trip for a few days, which is pretty awesome. Tomorrow, it’s back to work; hopefully we’ll make a lot of progress working with Habitat!



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