Laredo March 12-19 2016

Habitat has been helping us in our journey. This trip is a blessing in my life because I am learning more about other people and myself. I have been meeting wonderful people in this trip.  I am having a challenging experience because I am learning how to use construction tool, which can be dangerous if a person use them in the wrong way. In addition, it is interesting not just to read, but to hear and to be able to see other people’s experiences end perspectives about different issues such as: migration, poverty, housing issues and so on. At Laredo, We have been building team work and breaking language barriers. I am able to see how people speaking two different languages can communicate themselves by other methods. Today, I felt delighted because I am able to help other people to understand what is been said.

In general, I am having a great time meeting new people, having new experiences. At the end of this day  I felt proud of our progress building the house and helping with what we can.  – Fidelina12722470_1072971412755288_1008856743_o


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