Day #4 March 19th

After being sore for the past couple days, I wasn’t prepared to do much more heavy lifting. Thankfully our smaller group ended up doing some cleaning around the Flower Festival site and building some walls. It was also refreshing to have the whole tent up as the sun was beating down the whole time.

Since I had some prior experience with some of the tools, I could teach people how to use each one. That was a great feeling being able to teach someone a new skill that will benefit them later in life. It was also a pleasure having a little more one on one time with other people as it was definitely lacking the prior days being in the large group.

It all ended with dinner going to the Oyster House. I ended up trying alligator for the first time there and all I have to say is that it was DELICIOUS!!! Loved every single savory chewy bite of it! Overall today was my favorite day this week with all the good that happened. I am finishing this off as I am half asleep and getting energized for our final full day in Alabama, looking forward to another great day!

-Zane (AKA Vincent)


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