Day 3: Discussing differences and eating gelato!

Hi ya’ll. This was our third days in Alabama helping with Habitats For Humanity. Things went fantastically well throughout today as the previous two days. We were up early this morning around 7am and had breakfast together before we headed to our construction site. We worked separately in small groups and were assigned to do different duties. I got to work in one of the groups that were assigned to put the poles up into the holes that are 3-foot deep. I thought the work would be so easy because the only thing needed to be done was just to put each pole straight into the hole. But it turned out that was not the ideal. Each pole needed to be so precisely done. The unfortunate thing was that most of the holes were filled with a foot of water (if not two). It was impossible!!!!!!
But I learned today that team work makes the impossible possible. Each of our team members worked hard and we got WONDERFUL result (well, after several failed attempts in the muddy holes). We got all the poles up today and my team alone got 11 poles up!!! WOW… We got a lot done today!

We called off for the day at 4 pm. We came back to the Church and got to shower and get ready for dinner. I have never appreciated a shower as much as I do now after a long working day. We had Home made pasta today made by our assigned group. I’m not kidding, but the pasta was the MOST delicious pasta I have ever had in my life!!!! With the sweet tea that was kindly shared by our team member Danny. OH GOSH… What a taste!

After dinner we used our spared time in the coffee shop (with delicious gelato!) in downtown Alabama. There we had a group discussion about racism. It was an interesting talk with Pastor Justin and other peers. Now we are preparing for our next destination tomorrow and please keep your thoughts and prayers as for us.

– Chuill


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