A couple words from Lee…

Hello, it’s Lee! It is Wednesday night, and we completed our second work day for Habitat for Humanity. A unique part of this trip has been working with others and helping our friends rise up – no matter the obstacle or situation. I have noticed some of the greatest group reactions to others accomplishments, and that sense of community was amazing to witness.

Yesterday, Tuesday, we were all on the bus going to the park for a grilled dinner. Everyone was engaged in conversation when out of nowhere Grace screamed “I got the job!” Although not everyone understood what that was about, the bus erupted with screams and clapping. It might be one of my favorite moments just because I look up to Grace so much and know how hard she worked to get a position with Young Adults in Global Mission (ELCA), but also because of the support she received.

This morning at the work site, we were putting large poles in huge holes in the ground. Some of the holes needed to be cut down in order to fit, so Danny took the chainsaw first. Once he got it going and cut off the end of the pole, our whole group clapped and cheered once again. Simple victories matter.

The encouragement given was inspiring and shows how tight of a community we have built within just a few days of being together.


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