Day 2: Boots in the dirt

Hey all, this is Casey signing on to give everyone an update on the second day of ASB in Alabama. Let me just start by saying so far this trip has been amazing, starting off with an improvement in sleepability. Yes now that there has been a full day of not being on a bus, waking up after a full nights rest was wonderful. I felt refreshed and ready to work.

So moving on was the days majority activity, and that was the Habitat for Humanity work. We got off the bus around 8am and almost immediately work began. To start the day we began by moving large slabs of wood, now when I say large I mean we had eight people just to move one of these bad boys. This was in itself, only the beginning of a day of sweet sweet labor.

Personally, I’m a workaholic, and spending an eight hour day in the balmy 72 degree Fahrenheit weather was wonderful (I hear in Minnesota its been 29), and the majority of the day was all about lifting. Those slabs we were moving at the Office building were brought to a work site where we would again be moving them around. This time though we were told that holes were dug in the ground to lay these slabs in. The catch though is that these slabs had to be perfectly level. Easier said than done. When you put these in the ground, you forget that they will sink. This dilemma caused us to have to take out and put the same slab into the ground eleven times before the task itself was complete. Definitely not fun.

Around 4pm we finished the days work and went to a park to relax and eat dinner. Observation, I now see the other side of bird migration as the lake was absolutely packed with ducks, geese, and of course gulls. Mark was our grill master and lead us to delicious burgers tonight. Amongst ¬†delicious dinner the group really hit it off in conversation, and we quickly discovered Chua’s love of pine cones (“THEY ARE SO BIG!!!”).

In the end, a great second day, and I look forward to another day of labor and companionship. Adios Amigos, and for those in MN stay frosty.


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