ASB 2014: Day 4, Day 5, and the Ride Home (Recap)

Day’s four and five consisted of dry wall and landscaping. We learned two things. First, installing drywall is not as easy or itchy as insulation. Second, dirt in Texas is not like dirt in Minnesota. You haven’t landscaped until you’ve landscaped in Texas. We worked hard those last two days, but we also had fun.

Grace hitched a ride in a wheelbarrow from Caroline.

And then, there was the fiesta. On Thursday night, the Laredo Habitat family put on a fiesta for the volunteers that were there for the week. Let me tell you, Iowa couldn’t handle this group. We won the dance off that Iowa didn’t know was happening.

J.D. got a dance with all of our ladies. Here he is with Hannah.

On Friday morning we took off for Minnesota, but first we stopped in San Antonio for a little shopping, a quick bite to eat, and a whole lotta selfies. Lonna, Matt, Jon, and J.D. along the Riverwalk.

Lonna, Matt, Jon, and J.D. along the Riverwalk!
Becca, Jake, August, Alex, Sara, Caroline, and myself at the Alamo!

Finally, we began the ride home. We did make it out of Texas, eventually, and then we watched Frozen (twice), slept a lot, and then basically woke up in Iowa!

All in all, this trip has been pretty great. We accomplished a lot as a group and made a lot of new friends. For me, these trips are a great way to expand your circles at college by sharing experiences and growth that only those on the trip will understand. It’s one of those “you had to be there” times. And this past week has been no exception.

This is my second ASB trip with Augsburg. Both have been very different and enriching. While I don’t know what next year will hold, I’m excited for the challenges to come and the friends to be made.

ASB 2015, here we come!



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