A Week In Review

Well, as per usual, I did a poor job of keeping this updated daily. But as I lay on the top bunks on our sleeper bus, I’m flooded with memories from the trip. We’ve met amazing people, both from Augsburg and New Orleans, and will take the relationships and memories we’ve made with us beyond the trip. It’s amazing what a week can give you.

I think it’s almost better I didn’t write you a day by day summary of our activities because what happens really needs to be experienced and felt in person. I would definitely recommend this trip to other Auggies because it it’s a very unique trip and good use of a spring break.



We’ve made it to New Orleans, been fed and washed, and now have some down time to ourselves. What journeys and missions will we take tomorrow? We will have to wait and see what day two holds!

Today is the day!

It’s here! The long awaited beginning to our Spring Break trip! We’re done with classes, cleaned our refrigerators, did all our laundry and packed all our bags. Now we wait. In roughly 1.5 hours we’ll drive away from the Burg and city lights of Minnesota and head down South to Louisiana! More to come later!